Staff Testimony - Maya Thapa - 08 Jun 21

Staff Testimony - Maya Thapa

My Name is Maya Thapa. I just completed my 25th year with UMHT. Currently, I am serving as a Cashier. On May 3rd, I had night duty. The next day, I started feeling uneasy and experienced body aches. I then tested positive for COVID 19 and isolated myself at home. Later, the symptoms started developing as I had a problem with my smell, taste, high fever and cough. I was very nervous as I had witnessed so many deaths after coronavirus. Being the only breadwinner of the family, I knew that expressing my anxiousness was not worth it.

Knowing that many were praying for me, the support from the hospital and my colleagues helped me combat coronavirus. I can now relate to the people who undergo suffering due to COVID 19. I am back at the cash office.

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