Staff Testimony - Mahima Gautam - 08 Jun 21

Staff Testimony - Mahima Gautam

I am Mahima Gautam and I have been working at UMHT for the past 6 years as a dental surgeon. I have a husband, Bikash, who serves here as a Pediatrician and we have two boys, 6 and 3 years old. Thanks to the hospital, we both have had vaccines. Despite that, after the second wave of COVID19, Bikash was infected with COVID19. While he was isolated at home, I took leave from the dental department and took care of him and spent time with the children.

After a few days, I started developing muscle and throat pain. Upon testing, we discovered I also was COVID positive. By this time, Bikash was healthy and so it was his time to serve me and our children. Both of us took this isolation time as a blessings we were able to spend quality time with our children. We are thankful to the hospital for providing us leave and for our friends and their prayers. As a result, we had tolerable symptoms.

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